Maintaining a varied gene pool can be very difficult for small breeders, or those located in countries with limited numbers of breeding stallions.

Trademark Farms is offering an affordable and simple solution to breeders in countries that allow the importation of frozen semen.

Importers purchase the Equine Cryogenic Service Tank and/or liquid nitrogen (LN2),container and pay for all collection, evaluation and packaging of semen for each stallion selected  (importer can choose any number of donor stallions).
Importers pay all veterinarian and permit fees along with storage and shipping costs.
Once the requested number of straws have been collected from each selected stallion it is shipped in one container (pay only 1 shipping fee) to the importer.  The importer then maintains the frozen semen at their expense at a facility of their choosing, to use at their convenience.

Importers must notify Trademark Farms of each breeding using the frozen semen so that stallion reports are properly documented, but importers only pay stud fees for each confirmed pregnancy (confirmed by ulltra sound at approximately 21 days) resulting from use of the frozen semen.  
Importers may choose to sell straws to other mare owners in their locale, however, the stallion service must be paid to Trademark Farms upon ultra sound confirmation of pregnancy (at approximately 21 days post breeding).

By importing frozen semen, mare owners are not under time constraints or changing importation regulations and multiple, expensive shipments can be eliminated. 
Mare owners do not have to be concerned with a stallions show or breeding schedule, allowing them to choose the best breeding time for them.

All necessary stallion reports are filed each year with the information provided by the importer.  Breeding certificates are issued upon payment of stud fees (due upon confirmation of pregnancy at approximately 21 days).

All confirmed pregnancies are subject to a live foal guarantee.

Interested importers are encouraged to contact us by email or to call for more information.  We are very interested in helping breeders establish our pinto and performance lines in their area.

We import Paso Finos in to Canada.  Let us find you the perfect trail Paso Fino & import it for you
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