Gaited Pleasure Horse Practicality
Riding and working your gaited horse  to achieve practical solutions for pleasure and competitive trail riding  rather than theoretical standards and showring ideals.

Private and group clinics are available at your location or at our farm.

Understanding gait
- riding and gait analysis of individual horses (recognize the gait your horse is doing)
- showring vs trail gait requirements
- exercises and training to improve gait
- suppling your horse
- collection
- building balance and accuracy

Equipment and tack
- evaluation and use of equipment on individual horses
- how changing equipment can improve gait
- proper fit
- the right tack for the job

Trail preparation
- desensitization/preparation for trail
- confrontation and confidence
- conditioning
- working as a team with your horse, decision making and trust

Competitive trail challenges obstacles
Learn to develop a relaxed but confident and forward ride, while strengthening the communication and bond with your equine partner

      - Competitive trail challenge obstacle conditioning and desensitization.
      - Obstacle training (required elements of each obstacle)